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Spring, Summer and Autumn September 23, 2008

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Even though the spring has past
Why the silence becomes my friend? 
The never ending hope that always grows
To gaze upon the flower fields, but still found nothing in it

Why the summer still here?
The thrust of pointing rays hurt me
Want it to end real soon
So I can find snows to bury it

Autumn is gazing in
To fill the sanctuary
With the huge trees
And the canopy of autumn leaves 

Let it fills the past, present and future
It is not something that you earned
It is a never ending favor
Let it be the canopy of the heart


The Woman.. September 23, 2008

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Wanita cantik melukis kekuatan lewat masalah

Tersenyum saat tertekan

Tertawa disaat hati sedang menangis

Memberkati disaat terhina

Mempesona karena mengampuni

Wanita cantik mengasih tanpa pamrih

Bertambah kuat dalam doa dan pengharapan

Tribute to: All beautiful woman out there
Credits to: Renny & Yuli ;  dohrmangallery.blogspot.com for the picture.

He is Lord September 17, 2008

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” And now let the earth resound with praise 
For our Saviour God He reigns 
He is high and lifted up 
Arise for the King of glory waits 
He is coming back again ”

~ This is our God, Hills 2008

Released.. September 16, 2008

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the scarlet – is, I called mine.

the scarlet is

My Baby Blue September 16, 2008

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Since what happened with my car on April 9th 2007 and on August 29th 2008 (can be read in this blog), I have decided to act upon it.

It was all started when I strolled down the Highway 10, I felt the steering wheel start shaking. I had to hold the steering wheel tightly for my 5 hours driving. It turned out that the axel for the wheel has been tilted. I was so sad because the cost of replacing it was so expensive ($3,175.96). Even though, the axel was replaced, the mechanics wasn’t sure if my car will be “perfectly” normal. The cost of adjusting everything could be very pricy. My other option is to get a new car instead.

After fully and thoroughly considerations, it was a goodbye for my first baby.

Bye – bye my baby blue ! Hope you will find your new owner that loves you better than me !

To follow its ex-roomate (Mossy):

Name: STPP
Registration ID: 5TPP642
Type: Honda Civic EX – Navigation

Born: February 10th 2006 at Honda of Oakland

Last Tribute: September 13th, 2008 at 6.30 p.m – 10 FWY westbound (7430 West Orchid LaneChandlerAZ)

Reputation: 50 something something K

STPP’s Experience:

Los Angeles March 2006
Arizona 2006 – 2008 (10 times minimum)

Moving: 4 times (San Francisco – South Coast – Chino Hills – Alhambra – San Gabriel)

Too many memories that goes with you. Malibu escape, 57 Driving, Chandler getaway, 120 m/h July 07, etc etc.. 

Tribute to Mossy (STPP’s Roomate):