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Show me your love (Tunjukkan Cintamu) January 30, 2009

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Love this song by RAN. The Lyrics and the melody.. so fun.. :).. Enjoy.

Ku ingin menunjukkan cintaku
Oh kepada belahan jiwaku
Tlah lama ku menanti waktu
Untuk mengungkapkan isi hatiku

Jangan kau berdiam dan menunggu
Cinta yang datang menghampirimu
Jika kau hanya berdiam diri
Hanya rasa sesal yang kan kau rasakan nanti

Tunjukkanlah rasa cintamu
Coba buat mereka tahu
Betapa indahnya dunia
Bila engkau sedang jatuh cinta

Berlarilah sekuat kau mampu
Hingga kau mendapatkan cintaku
Buktikanlah kau memang mau
Buatku berikan cinta ini kepadamu

Di saat matahari bersinar
Burung-burungpun mulai berkicau
Cintaku kan selalu membentang
Untuk kau arungi bersamaku

Showing my love is what I’m doing
Baby your love is what I’m looking for
All that I need is sweet loving
And everytime i see you i feel so in love


MLTR ~ Eternity January 29, 2009

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~Yeah.. I do love ballads.. one of my favorite bands, Michael Learns To Rock, is releasing its new album: Eternity. Still loving the voices and enjoying the ballads. One of the song called Sweet Surprise and probably that’s my fave in this album.~


I never knew life could be like this
Never thought that I would be
the one that you would kiss
I never knew love could be so rough

But now I’ve found the real thing
I can’t get enough
I used to wish, I used to dream
But now I’m living my heart’s wildest fantasy

So I began to believe
Because our love is there for everyone to see
On and on where good things never end
On and on where we never pretend

The sweetest surprise caught me tonight
Right there in your eyes while I was kissing you
So don’t say that you don’t love
Everything you dream of could be here

So don’t say that you don’t love
Everything you dream of could be here

Dia January 29, 2009

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Maliq n D Essenstials – Dia (OST Claudia/Jasmine)


Temukan apa arti dibalik cerita
Hati ini terasa berbunga-bunga
Membuat seakan aku melayang
Terbuai asmara

Adakah satu arti dibalik tatapan
Tersipu malu akan sebuah senyuman
Membuat suasana menjadi nyata
Begitu indahnya

Dia seperti apa yang selalu ku nantikan aku inginkan
Dia melihatku apa adanya seakan kusempurna

Tanpa buah kata kau curi hatiku
Dia tunjukkan dengan tulus cintanya
Terasa berbeda saat bersamanya
Aku jatuh cinta

Dia bukakan pintu hatiku yang lama tak bisa kupercayakan cinta
Hingga dia disini memberi cintaku harapan

Fireproof January 28, 2009

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Never Leave Your Partner Behind.

That words struck me at first. Remembering every single things that I’ve been through. Every failed relationship that I had. The cue is as simple as those words. Never Leave Your Partner Behind. 

The movies itself is a very simple movie with a simple story. It goes like this:

Capt. Caleb Holt lives by the old firefighter’s adage: Never leave your partner behind. Inside burning buildings, it’s his natural instinct. In the cooling embers of his marriage, it’s another story.

After seven years of marriage, Caleb and Catherine Holt have drifted so far apart that they are ready to move on without each other. Yet as they prepare to enter divorce proceedings, Caleb’s dad asks his son to try an experiment: The Love Dare. While hoping The Love Dare has nothing to do with his parents’ newfound faith, Caleb commits to the challenge. The challenge went really hard for him. The betrayal, the everyday struggles and temptations makes it hard to move on and end up hurting each other.

The point of the film is that relationships are important, they take work and respect to maintain, take even more work to repair – and none of it is easy. I really do believe, in every relationship that we’re on, it takes two to row the boat but it also need Him to bless the relationship. Therefore, never give up on your partner! ^_^ ~cheerz

The Prayer (Kindness) January 27, 2009

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Open up the skies of mercy
And rain down the cleansing flood
Healing waters rise around us
Hear our cries Lord let ’em rise

It’s Your kindness Lord
That leads us to repentance
Your favor Lord, is our desire
It’s Your beauty Lord
That makes us stand in silence
Your love
Is better than life

We can feel
Your mercy falling
You are turnin our hearts back again
Hear our praises rise to heaven
Draw us near Lord
Meet us here

We stand here,
As the desperate people
Hungry for the things of You
Come quiet the storms,
That rage all around us
So that we hear
The passion that
Beats through your heart
Spirit put healing in our hands
Put life in our words
And drive a passion
For the lost deep
In the hearts of your people
Inhabit the praises of us
Through children
And father send us out

With a reckless passion
Deliver us from evil
And set a standard of unity
To break down laws
And to heal Your people
Unity is the cry of your church, Lord
Reconcile the children to the fathers
And with forgiveness and mercy
Rush through the hearts of our land
We cry out our deep need for You, Jesus
Oh God come in power
And bring glory to Your name