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The Sphielz

:: I love strawberries ^^. La Fraise is strawberry in french.

:: I love listening to Music. Music is the part of my life that I can never get rid of. Thus, my blog is called Melodies of my Life ^^

:: I can listen to any Music genres, but most of the time I tend to get “caught” in ballads.

:: My favorite genres are: Jazz and Pop.

:: The essences of the song are Melodies and Lyrics. Usually by translating the lyrics, I can weigh the emotion behind the song and understand the meaning of it.

:: It’s hard for me to list my favorite singers. The most favorite singer for me usually has a strong voice which can goes to high range of notes, has a perfect pitch, has a good vibrato techniques, a good dancer and multitalented singers ^^.

:: I can spend all day long watching dramas, but tend to get distracted easily too :p (Unless the drama is really really good).

:: I do enjoy any kind of dramas around the world.

:: I do understand Chinese and able to speak, might not be perfect but I think it’s good enough for everyday life. For Korean and Japanese, I only understand certain words ^^ that I picked up from watching too many Dramas / TV Shows / Music Channel / Translating Songs.

:: I actually can read Korean, but don’t excel in writing and/or speaking.  It’s a challenge for me currently to learn Korean.

:: I love to be involved in the performing arts but it’s not my everyday job.

:: I’m crazy about cute puppies. I could play with them and forget everything else.

:: I always have a thought that sleeping is the best cure for my self.

:: I probably fall into the small percentage of women who don’t really like chocolates. I could eat it but preferably in an ice cream / cake / bread form and I prefer not to eat sweets.

:: Believes in Jesus Christ

:: Fangirling these guys (mainly because their similarities with Mandoo)




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