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F(X) = Chu~♡ (츄~♡) November 6, 2009

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It’s been playing non stop on my playlist now. Their MV is filled cuteness and so fierce at the same time. I was so amazed at Victoria at her acrobatic act. I really didn’t expect Victoria is able to do such things :p. This song captured me when I saw their Music Bank performance, it’s so much better to hear them live than the actual recording.  I don’t really like the auto tune part in their song, but F(X) prove me wrong because they’re doing a kick ass live performance with their kick ass voices.

Without further ado, here’s F(X) latest song and their Music Bank Performance.

Thanks for codemonmon and Koreanmusicvids for their video ^^


F(SNSD) = Chocolate Love October 16, 2009

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clHave you seen Samsung new CFs? It features F(X) and SNSD, the SM Entertainment top Girl Groups nowadays. I’m in loooove with the music, the moves, the outfits.. everything..  I called it F(SNSD) = Chocolate Love ^^

It’s really exciting times for F(X) and SNSD to be able to perform the Chocolate Love. I say every one of them blend in nicely together. Let’s enjoy the showcase and the MV together ^^

My Fave @ Dream Concert 2009 October 14, 2009

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Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunn…

In Dream Concert 2009, a lot of Idol Groups and Artists join together to put out a great show. This is arguably the most wanted show in Korea on 2009 after all.

Thanks to Codemonmon Season 4 that’s always be my friend in youtube, providing me with the best video quality from Dream Concert 2009 and randomrinnie to provide some of the videos.

Super Junior put out the best of them bringing out their remix of Sorry Sorry and It’s You.

2PM (minus Jaebeom) performing I Hate You and Again and Again

I’m glad to see them together and put a strong performance even though I’m a little bit sad looking at the empty space in the middle (which belong to Jay)

The hot dancing machines Girls’ Generation

KARA with it’s butt dancing ~ Wanna and Mister

The Newest Edition F(X) with La Cha Ta

4Minute with its Muzik

another obsession Super Junior M bringing out Super Girl

the secret addition 2AM on a friend’s confession

The 반짝 반짝 샤방 샤방 (sparkling / flashing / glowing) SHINee doing Juliette

But.. the most favorite performance from Dream Concert 2009 for me is… dunn.. dunn.. dun.. dunn…

Clap together for SM TOWN !!

I am in awe with the performance seeing everybody together singing harmoniously making my heart melt. A lot of things happened in 2009 for a lot of Idol groups and artist in Korea. It’s good to see the power of friendship in at least 1 entertainment company. SM Town you rock the dream concert !!