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Lurking about Jay @ Heraldnet October 6, 2009

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I wish these news will stop someday or at least turning into something good. But, hey the drama isn’t over yet. Tried to find out something about Jay and come across this article @ omona they didn’t:


Korean pop star returns to quiet life in Edmonds
Fans hire a plane to tow a banner over area
By Andy Rathbun
Herald Writer

EDMONDS — When Jay Park left South Korea in early September, hundreds of fans came to the airport terminal, pleading with him to stay.

The pop star gave a bow and said goodbye to the tearful fans, according to the Korea Times newspaper.

When he landed back home in the United States, no local news crews were on hand.

Park, who is in his 20s, has apparently returned to his parents’ home in Edmonds. The Korean-American is keeping a low profile after controversial remarks forced him from 2PM, a boy band that made him a star overseas.

The Internet has battered Park’s reputation and served as a gathering place for fans, who have signed petitions and hired a private plane to fly over Edmonds with a banner, asking “J. What Time Is It Now?” — a reference to one of the group’s hits.

About five years ago, Park went to a talent audition in the United States. He was recruited by JYP Entertainment of South Korea. He moved overseas and became a pop star in training.

Thousands of miles from home, he posted comments on his MySpace page. He called Korea “whack” and “gay” in 2005, when he was in his late teens, and said he hated Koreans. He wanted to come back to the U.S., he wrote.

No one paid much attention to the posts until Park became the leader of 2PM. The seven-member group’s popularity exploded earlier this year. They were all over Korean TV. They met the prime minister of Thailand.

Then the posts surfaced.

AllKPop.com, a New Jersey-based Web site dedicated to Korean pop music, has been covering the controversy.

Johnny Noh, the site’s founder, said anger at Park was stoked by complex issues of national pride. Park’s U.S. origins played into the resentment, while the comments, heavy with American slang, were misinterpreted.

“I don’t know how to explain it,” Noh, 28, said. “They took it more offensively than they would anywhere else.”

After the comments came out, Park said he was leaving the group.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be a strong leader and older brother,” he said, the Korea Times reported.

wong maye-e / associated press
Jay Park (center) and the rest of 2PM perform during the Korean Pop Night concert in November 2008 in Singapore. Park, of Edmonds, left the band after controversial remarks he made on MySpace started spreading.

Park’s abrupt departure rattled thousands of fans, particularly when the boy band announced it would carry on without its own version of Justin Timberlake. (uh…idk what to think of this comparison, maybe besides the leader aspect they both had)

A KOMO TV news story posted online about his return to the U.S. drew more than 1,000 comments last week.

“There have been a lot of rumors and speculation on whether the entertainment label kicked him out or if he left of his own will,” Noh said.

An online petition gathered more than 25,000 signatures to support Park. The petition called Korea “an extremely proud country,” and said people were treating the singer’s remarks irrationally.

Fans also launched a Twitter page, JaySkyMsg. They raised about $2,000 and hired a private plane. According to the posts, the plane buzzed over Seattle, Mountlake Terrace and Edmonds last Monday, towing the banner.

Despite the hubbub, life in Edmonds has been seemingly quiet.

Neighbors who knew about Park’s fame said the singer’s family have been their normal, polite selves.

Last week, a young man who appeared to be Jay Park was walking out the door. He smiled before getting into a sedan with an older person, but declined to comment on the past month.

“I need to go to work,” he said, without elaboration.

SOURCE: HeraldNet

Credit: Nami @ Omona They Didn’t


JYP and Jaebeom @ Seattle + Seattle TV News about JB September 29, 2009

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Whoa.. this is the news that makes all the hottest around the world having a short breath.. Being one of the silent diligent reader (meaning: never really commented on any of the forums / post), reading this news really broke everything all around. Is this another conspiracy from JYP ? or JYP trying to get away with all of the Hottest? or probably he really wants to get Jaebeom back?
I’m really curious what happened in Seattle…. really really curious.. Thanks to 2OD to update the news all the time ^^

Picture 2

Picture 1

credits: as posted in the above

The most craziest thing is here: where Jaebeom news is in the Seattle TV news flash..  at this point.. I’m really speechless.. They showed Jaebeom’s house in Seattle which I’m afraid all those crazy netizens will hunt him down to his house and send a North Korean Nuclear to his house.. and yeah I’m exaggerating 😦 and I put a little bit of my sentimental values in my comment.

Hopefully this matter will stop anytime soon.. seriously.. T.T

credits: sungsung@2OD + Platinum@soompi

6PM vs Jay Park vs JYPE September 25, 2009

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The brouhaha still continues as of today. I can’t stop staring curiously at every entry about Jay Park that has been crossing in and out a lot of internet portals lately. I haven’t really write anything other than commenting one of the article from MTV Asia and wrote some of reasons why Jay needs to be in 2PM on one of the hottest 2PM forum.. Indifference about it? Nope. I believe every other internet portal already post everything up and I don’t really want to invade my blog with all the news for one reason: the missing fundamental factor of the missing leader.

I read a lot of netizen comments about how JYP is using this as a “mask”, to conceal everything until the very last minute where 2PM has to get up and promote their new album. Probably Jay Park returns will be an epic story in the entire KPop histories. It’s only a thought. Another story is about Jay Park didn’t really want to return because his self esteem has been broken by the harsh netizen comments. No matter how many letters, comments, and post it notes Hottest wrote, it seems that the missing leader is buried under the earth. Nothing could conceal what’s the actual truth out there. The other story is about how all Hottest with all their might trying to capture JYPE and the whole world’s attention with the boycott, returned CDs, protest, and even flash mob from everywhere. To help the Hottest out, The KPop industries start to make a comment on this commotion. While all of those has been buried by JYPE notice on the website, Wooyoung’s comment on his minihompy, all the riddles and clues on 2PM members’ minihompy, all Wondergirls member stays quiet in the comment / question, it doesn’t seems to hold back the Hottest.

While this whirlwind still ongoing in its pace, I read a lot of other news about how JYP’s tire got slashed, JYP is going to Seattle to meet Jay Park, the rest of 2PM members is actually do not agree with JYPE’s decision to kick Jay Park out of 2PM, insight from Jay Park’s close friends and family friends. I really believe there’s something. Something really ridiculous that these things should came across the news. Even though the person who starts this fuss surrender and post an apology entry, things wouldn’t get any better. Damaged has been done.

My personal opinion on this can be articulated with one sentence: This is the epitome of ignorance.  I do agree with this comment: “Instead of trying to seek truth, sometimes it is more important to know what others are thinking. The public leaned toward the massive reports and opinions and that is why the public sentiment turned ugly against him so quickly without seeing the whole picture,” *

With all of those in mind, I still can’t grasp the meaning behind all of these. Is it only a scheme? Is it a conspiracy? Against what? What’s the goal? Nobody can even answer this question. Only JYPE can answer this. I really hope Jay Park will rise from the hardship. I really want to see 2PM again and again as one whole group.

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