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Triple 1.0 June 15, 2009

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As I told you before, the next drama that I will watch is Triple. If you want to read the recaps, I suggest you to go to: dramabeans and you will find the recaps for this 1.0 episode.

So far, this drama is as quirky as Coffee Prince. It has similar vibes and feelings. For me, the best thing so far: seeing Yoon Kye Sang !! After watching him on Who Are You, Yoon Kye Sang is back with his adorable smile. Can’t get enough of him. I’m not disappointed in watching the first episode. The best scene (for me) will be this:

Picture 10and Yoon Kye Sang Drinking it from the Bottle ..

I tried to relate that scene into my everyday life, where at the beginning of the month, life at work can be as hectic as ever. Imagining if I make the whole container of Coffee, it surely will be gone in 1 hour or so. ahahaha..

Well, the rest of the episode is really interesting too. If you have time, please watch it ! ^^


Reason to watch: TRIPLE June 12, 2009

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  1. PD Lee Yoon-jung. She directed and produced Coffee Prince, and whether you liked it or not, it was a humungous success only recently matched in popularity and media frenzy by Boys Before Flowers. (Only, in comparison, Coffee Prince had great acting, great directing, great music, and a lovely romantic realism. Or maybe realistic romanticism. CP slowed down toward the end but I give Lee credit for resisting mightily when the station tried to force her to extend the uber-popular series, and when she eventually gave in after refusing more than three times, it was only to one additional episode.)
  2. Writer Lee Jung-ah (pen name for Lee Sun-mi). She wrote the original Coffee Prince novel, then wrote the scripts to the drama series. She also wrote the novel for Capital Scandal, then wrote the scripts for its drama adaptation. And did I mention that she wrote both dramas at the same time? (For a short while the dramas overlapped and she was writing scripts for broadcasts every day from Monday through Thursday.)
  3. The music. Coffee Prince drew much buzz for its indie-music soundtrack, curated by songwriter and music director Tearliner and used artfully by PD Lee. Triple also features indie musicians such as Tearliner and Zitten.
  4. Actor Lee Jung-jae. Mostly a movie star, Lee Jung-jae didn’t have such a hot run with Air City, but he is a huge name and a charismatic presence, and it’s a welcome event to have him back on television. He starred in movies like Typhoon, Oh Brothers, Last Present, and Il Mare.
  5. Actor Lee Seon-kyun. If you’ve heard him speak, you get it. He also has a nicely understated, natural way of acting. He has starred in all three of PD Lee’s drama projects (which includeTaereung National Village and Coffee Prince).
  6. Actress Lee Hana. She’s got a quirky vibe, loves music, and most recently made herself known in the revenge drama Women in the Sun.
  7. Actor Yoon Kye-sang. Have you seen Who Are You? ‘Nuff said.
  8. Newb Min Hyo-rin isn’t exactly a draw to the series, but more of a curiosity — would the singer-turned-actress be able to stay afloat amongst such a cast of experienced actors? And surprisingly — as the media and viewers are starting to also echo — she doesn’t suck. Not that I thought she’d be atrocious, because I had faith in PD Lee. (No, Lee’s not infallible, but she’s good. She also said she had such faith in Yoon Eun-hye’s commitment to Eun-chan in Coffee Prince that she would have cast her even if Yoon had been a rookie. That gave me hope that Min Hyo-rin wouldn’t totally sink.)

Thanks to Dramabeans for the above citation.