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Tohoshinki’s : Stop The time (Toki Wo Tomete) November 7, 2009

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As if they were rushing, the summers constellations
hide themselves in the valleys between the buildings
During every day that passed us by
There are times when I feel like crying at the smallest things
Even though the restaurant that you wanted to
go to has disappeared
No matter what the day is,
I believe that our love has not ended
Stop the time
I want to be by your side forever
I want to hold you more closely to me
One memory after another of you surfaces up
I believed only in eternity
Stop the time
I want to be by your side forever
Looking at the sky, with all my wishes
While connecting each and every glittering star,
I searched for your shape
Stop the time
I want to be by your side forever
I want to hold you more closely to me
One memory after another of you surfaces up
I believed only in eternity
credits: yuchun8664@youtube


COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ MV @ AVEX Youtube October 2, 2009

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I honestly forgot to check AVEX on Youtube for Jaejoong and Yoochun’s Colors – Melody and Harmony MV. I usually pretty diligent about it but.. you know things happened. For those of you who doesn’t know, AVEX is the recording company that managed TVXQ in Japan (and Taiwan).

So, to provide much better quality of the MV, here you go:

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Colors Melody Harmony PV September 11, 2009

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It’s still in Low Quality but for those of you who haven’t seen it, please see it. I love the way they “paint” the lyrics into the PV. I think it’s brilliant. The monotone colors and the colorful walls. I think they did a good job in shooting the PV.

If you need to get the translation, you can read it in my previous post. ^^

TVXQ and the rest August 18, 2009

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When I read this @ KPop JJang, my heart flutter as all of the comments really summarize why I love TVXQ from the beginning. This article is worthy to be posted everywhere ^^

The voice of Xiah Junsu is Asia’s treasure
-Matsuo Kiyoshi-

What people say about DBSK is that…
they are one of the few juniors who are polite and has good thoughts
-Comedian Jung Sun Hee-

DBSK is the singer with the best manners
-Show Music Tank PD-

(During an interview about Big Bang)
Oh! There is one singer that I admired as I watched them sing.
DBSK is really amazing,
They were singing a live performance and by watching them without a bias, they sing very well,
If they were ugly, they would be called men version of Big Mama.
Korean people have a preconception about DBSK and that is wrong.
-YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk-

We are a different genre so I don’t think we are rivals.
DBSK is a senior that we acknowledge.
Everyone sings well and I think they put in a lot of thoughts into their choreography and performances.
They continue to show self-improvement and are setting a good example as sunbae.
-Singer G-Dragon-

I saw Xiah Junsu sing ‘Resignation’ and it was the best.
A lot of singers sang my song but out of them all, it stood out the most and was sung very well.
-Big Mama-

-I sang a Goose’s Dream with Yongwong Jaejoong and he sang it the best.
He is an idol singer, so I thought he could not sing well because he is just good looking and dances well but he sings better than me.

I think I would have really liked it if i was a DBSK member.
They are an unbelievably amazing group.
-Kim Gun Mo-

-When they are singing their songs, and in their divided parts, they know exactly how to sing their part in order to complete the song. They are perfectly divided well.
-Music Critic Jung Byung Gi-

Unless you are a fan who buys an album and listens to the whole thing, you do not realize how Yongwoong Jaejoong can sing octaves without effort, how much density Xiah Junsu has in his voice, and how great of a song ‘One’ is.
-Triple Crown Kang Myung Suk-

Their appearances are needed to capture attention.
That is the only way the dying music industry might be vitalized.
In that sense, there must be a lot of teams like DBSK in the industry. I’m not talking about just idol singers.
Groups like DBSK who can powerfully capture the mass audience’s attention is needed to revitalize the music industry.
-Tony An-

-Looking at junior singers these days, there are a lot of good looking juniors.
Out of all of them, I think DBSK is the best.
They seem to be fully prepared on stage.
-Singer Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa)-

When looking at DBSK, I get the feeling that they are skilled.
Compared to before, they are so much better skill-wise.
Despite their skills, people have preconceptions, which is a problem and on stage their charisma is excellent.
They have other charms as well so there is a lot to be enviable about.
-Singer Evan-

DBSK is too good to remain as idol singers.
They can go further, as musicians to do well.
SM doesn’t just have idol singers.
Of the existing idols, they are the most skilled group.
As for Xiah Junsu and Youngwoong Jaejoong,
they can be called the best singers in the music industry without comparison.
DBSK is really a great group.
-Composer KENZI-

Choikang Changmin’s voice is very average.
But at times, the average excels many singers’ voices.
-Papa Nia-

(On Junsu) He takes care of everything about me before going on stage.
I think he is great and has a pure soul.
-Singer Jang Ri In-

-We feel envious and proud that DBSK succeeded in Japan.
-Singer Super Junior-

DBSK were candidates with us.
At first, we thought “what do we do~” “we are nothing~” when we were against DBSK
But when we saw DBSK cheering for us too, we felt the love at once between us singers.
Really, we felt very very thankful.
-Singer Tablo (Epik High)-

-It can’t be said that DBSK is the best vocalist in Korea.
However, it is undeniable that it is hard to see a group able to make a beautiful harmony with just five members’ voice.
This shows the possibility of a vocal group, not just celebrity like idol group.
This is the idol group after evolution in the 21st century.
-m.net 21c Artist-

I was impressed with DBSK when I saw them performing at the Great Hall of the People in China on July 2004.
It was a shock to see Chinese fans sending such passionate cheers. I feel pride that I am promoting Korean mass culture in foreign countries. I want to invite DBSK as models for fashion shows abroad. They have clear souls and pure qualities.
-Desinger Andre Kim-

Out of the singers that have sang my song, they have succeeded the most.
And they are also the first singers who fit my song so well.
-Composer Park Chang Hyun (DBSK 1st Single ‘Hug’ Composer)-

I like DBSK.
It is bit of an inconvenience that their chances to sing live are limited because of their strong choreography, but when I see their performance, I am drawn in.
-Singer Baek Ji Young-

-They are good young men.
In such positions, they greet well and are social.
They are always smiling and never shows fatigue.
Honestly, they are not very fluent in Japanese.
Even if they understand well, their speaking is not perfect.
Despite that, they really tried hard to do their interview in Japanese.
For words they didn’t know, the asked their managers before hand and took note of it.
They tried their best to speak well and I could feel their efforts.
They really try their best.
-DJ 古家正亨- (this is the Japanese character of his name. His last name is Masayuki (?) but I can’t really type his first name. >< Maybe someone who knows Japanese better can do his name?)

Even in the hard market right now, their influence in the music industry should be recognized.
The music industry is going through hardships and in this situation, there was almost no singers who sold a lot of albums.
But DBSK is unchallenged and has the powers to sell their albums.
They do have a lot of teenage fans but recently, I think their fanbase has broadened to 20-30s.
As the teenage fans get older, the average age of their fan base will broaden.
Idol groups definitely go through evolution.
They have both singing and dancing skills so they need to be recognized.
-Singer Na Sung Ho (Noel)-

It is a good feeling that the younger generation singers are singing my songs.
If DBSK remakes my song, it will have a different color.
Even though the color will be different, I think they will be able to make a better song.
-Singer Jo Kwan Woo-

DBSK is just before perfection.
They are the hottest trend going through various rumors and is a popular culture icon. When they become this era’s new classic, we want to meet them again, more fashionable and fabulous. It won’t be too late to complete the ‘work’ then.
-In December issue of VOGUE-

I listen to music.
I like rock ballad and hip hop.
As for singers, DBSK is the best.
-Volleyball athlete Kim Yeon Kyung-

-The reason why there is so much interest in DBSK is because unlike most of the kid groups, their singing abilities are excellent. All five members sing and unexpectedly, presents a good harmony. It breaks the bias that boy bands cannot sing. This is what separates other idol groups and DBSK.
-Music critic Im Jin Mo-

Just at first glance, I could feel the strong charisma that made me realize why they become the millennium star.
The composition of the five members, like the process of moving one picture, cannot be complete without the 5 members.
I was surprised that the 5 stars, placed as one pleases, created such harmony.
Truthfully, taking a group photograph is exponentially hard as the number of people.
So during group photography, positions change and styles are frequently switched.
But in DBSK’s case, an impressive style was expressed just by them randomly standing and sitting there.
-Photographer Jo Se Hyun-

You should judge them by how much they love music and stop focusing on “lip synching idol stars winning awards.”
And this year was the year that DBSK had to win.
Why keep denying it and how many albums did they sell… 300,000?
Even when the music industry is reduced, they sold 300,000. That is praiseworthy.
Do you know anybody who we call artists that sell over 50,000?
And does the broadcasting stations buy those albums for the artists?
Did the broadcasting station buy 300,000 copies of DBSK’s album?
Then, did you buy the albums of artists that you cheer for?
Starting from there, saying “how does idol stars who lip sync win an award” is useless.
Do you think that these days, just like those old days, the idols run away by lip sync because they can’t sing?
Just open the microphone and tell them to sing. They do well, very~
-Shin Hae Chul-

Before you curse on the young singers who dance and roll around, think about how many hours they invest into practicing to perform to the mass.
Just like how natural-born talented artists dig only one hole, they sweat in order to improve themselves.
Therefore, the older generation singers are wretched for criticizing these singers for their music perfection.
If they receive reverence as a musician for these criticisms, the value of it is nothing.
-From Bestiz, who.au-

-The rumors that the five members were supposed to lead five different teams due to their excellent skills, but due to financial pressure, was put in one team, doesn’t seem totally false.
The harmony that the five sing are solid and constant.

Thank you DBSK fans.
DBSK and Kang Ho Dong is close, it’s the truth really.
-Kang Ho Dong-

I feel envious of DBSK for their teenage fans.
When DBSK performance ends, the teenage fans follow their van or wait in front of their company.
But when I am done with a performance, my fans say, “Ji Hoon, great job.”
Park Jin Young hyung once asked me why I don’t have teenage fans.
-Singer Rain-

These kids were wasted. They are all worthy to be solo artists, but formed a group.
-SM Director Lee Soo Man-

Even though it must be hard because so many people recognize them, they always come to greet when we are on the same program. It must be hard to just move around. When they reach the top, at least one hardship comes, but I hope they will get over it well.
-Singer The One-

Source: Soompi
Source: KPop JJang (Minsarang @ wordpress)

Picture of you (After Glow) ~ 노을..바라보다 August 16, 2009

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In the middle of the strain between DBSK and SME, at last I found a little break.  DBSK’s new MV : Picture of You (or if I translate it becomes Look.. at the glow), gives a refreshing feeling this Summer. I love how they shoot the MV. The blue sky and water makes me wants to jump inside my LCD Panel and enjoy the summer time with them.

Below is the Lyris for Picture of You.

노을..바라보다 (Picture Of You)
동방신기 (東方神起)
The Fourth Album MIROTIC

저녁 노을이 지고 하나 둘 켜지는
불빛을 따라서 너에게 가고 있어
차가운 바람에 움추린 네 어깨가
내려 앉기 전에 내가 감싸줄께

날 봐 love you 바보같은 그대
그 모든 것이 나에겐 다 소중한걸

그대 위로 떠오른 태양만큼
눈이 부신 이 가슴으로
기다려준 시간만큼 널 내가 지켜줄께
기도 한 모든 꿈이 간절한
내 향기로 남아 우릴 향해 있어
More than the air I breathe

밝아올 아침에 함께 웃을 수 있는
나의 바램들이
이뤄질 수 있도록
내가 기다릴께 네 손 놓지 않을께
눈물 뿐이라 해도 내가 닦아줄께

끝이 보이지 않아도
아무리 험한 길일지라도 약속할께
my my my my please be mine

그대 위로 떠오른 태양만큼
눈이 부신 이 가슴으로
기다려준 시간만큼 널 내가 지켜줄께
기도한 모든 꿈이 간절한
내 향기로 남아 우릴 향해 있어
More than the air I breathe

사랑한다고 이젠 그대 뿐이라고
저 하늘 끝에 소리쳐 전하고 싶어

love you 터질듯한 가슴이
그대를 부르고 있어

아픈 시련이 우릴 찾아 와도
그 아픔에 목 메어와도
다 어루만져 줄 수 있는
내가 더 사랑할께

투명한 웃음꽃이 반짝이는 저 별들처럼
널 너만을 비춰줄께

그대 위로 떠오른 태양만큼
눈이 부신 이 가슴으로
기다려준 시간만큼 널 내가 지켜줄께
널 사랑해
세상가장 눈부신 그대 꿈결같은 이맘
More than the air I breathe.


After the sun set,
Hence the light darkens one by one
I’m going towards you
Before the rush of cold wind begins to bud on your shoulder
I’m going to protect you.

(Every)day (to) love you
Foolish like you
It’s all that I cherish
(and) It’s something precious for me

As the sun rise above you
Looking through your heart
I’ll give you plenty of time to wait
Earnest prayer for all the dreams
It remains inside us as a fragrance
More than the air I breathe

I hope, we can smile together (every) morning until dawn.
Hopefully it will come true
I will never let your hands go
I will wait for you
I just want to wipe out your tears

Even if (we’re) not able to see the end
Even if the road is rough, It doesn’t matter
I’ll promise
Ma Ma Ma Mine
Please be mine

As the sun rise above you
Looking through your heart
I’ll give you plenty of time to wait
Earnest prayer for all the dreams
It remains inside us as a fragrance
More than the air I breathe

I love you
You’re the only one
I really want to say it out loud towards the sky

Love you
(with) an overflowing heart
It’s calling out to you

(Even if) we’re going to go through painful trials
Even if we can’t breath anymore
There’s a possibility of loving you more

The flowers’ bright smile were like the shining stars
So Beautifully
I’ll shine only for you

As the sun rise above you
Looking through your heart
I’ll give you plenty of time to wait
I love you
I love you
You’re the most beautiful in this world
This dream-like heart
More than the air I breathe

*please don’t take out this translation without my permission ^^ thanks

I found the lyrics were pretty hard to be translated as there are a lot of synonym and phrases. Tried very hard to make sense of every single line. As usual, the lyrics are romantically and emotionally written. It derives every hidden feelings inside one’s heart. It has the same emotion as Stand By U, but taking a different approach from Stand By U. Stand By U uses a lot of everyday words while Look at this Sunset use a lot of beautiful phrases. The best thing from this song were the scenes which brought the lyrics alive and I’m really loving it.

Apparently Xiah Junsu wrote the lyrics of this song and I want to praise him for using such beautiful phrases in the song. ^^