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너무 맘이 아픕니다 September 8, 2009

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Yes, My heart is hurting. So much things happened in 4 days span. I’m still hoping that the whole commotion of Dong Bang Shin Ki will stop anytime and they can come back to perform. While waiting on the news, I’m so heartbroken to find out that 2 PM has lost its leader, Park Jaebeom. I understand his decision to come back to America. Probably he will have quieter life here in US while all of these news winding down. I’m just so surprised and upset.

2 PM has grown in me lately. I no longer think that they’re only “a clown”  who jokes around and not really doing a good job. But those mindset has been changed due to a lot of 2PM’s reality shows. I really think they deserved the whole commotion of being the hottest idol group in Korea. Park Jaebeom himself shows a strong support for 2PM. He’s a cool leader and has different vibe than any other Idol Group leaders.

For now my currently favorite show, Wild Bunny, will have to stop. I hope Korean Netizens will learn from this and learn about things first before putting up those whole non-sense stupidity. My best wishes to the rest of 2PM members, Fighting !!


For those of you trying to follow all the news about Park Jaebeom, you can follow 2OD (twooneday) in their twitters.


Wild Bunny Recap August 6, 2009

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One of these days, I’m going to loose my internet privilege for clogging the internet from watching too many wild bunny episodes. I think 2PM does a good job in maintaining those youthful fresh images. Always entertaining in every episodes.

Episode 1:

I don’t know why they’re using Beverly Hills 90210 theme song as Wild Bunny’s theme song. It throw me off to the curb right there. Mr. PD please use 2PM song not using other theme song. I think 2PM managed to entertain the vieweres on the 1st episode. I didn’t imagine that they’re going to be “that” crazy. It starts with the episode opening where they’re dancing and fooling around, wearing white wife beaters and jeans to make all nunas goes wild and crazy. I was laughing so hard when Taecyeon is trying to get out from the house using the clothes with stop light colors (Yellow, Green and Red) and Wooyoung using his pajamas as his outfit. The epidsode continue where Jaebeom is trying to drive the car with his poor driving skills. After Junsu kicking Jaebeom to the back seat, Taecyeon and Jaebeom were trying to eat Wooyoung alive, …somehow they kept biting him (Is wooyoung that good?) This crazyness didn’t end there as 2PM members invading the Pojangmacha and Noraebang. I don’t care if it’s only an act or scripted, they’re so hilarious inside the Noraebang. At the end of this episode, I was holding my stomach trying to ease the pain from laughing too much. Thanks to time2sub2’s Channel for providing me with the videos

2PM - Wild Bunnies

Episode 2:

This episode is as crazy as previous one. Jaebeom, Taecyeon and Chansung is trying to get inside the club. Since they’re not bringing their ID, Jae is appointed by the rest to perform Again and Again dance to be able to enter the club.  Too bad they can’t fully enjoy it because everybody seems to recognize them. Some weird guy suddenly popping out of nowhere trying to get in “the circle”.  The rest is trying to find Jae, Taec and Chansung. This is the first time I saw Nichkhun in an angry mode. He seems pretty pissed to be left out (not going to the club together). 2PM Manager – Min Jae Hyung – managed to caught 2PM. I think the manager is well trained by JYP to be able to run here and there and caught each one of the boys (including everyone in the car). ow is in a photo shoot session. Jaebeom as an MC asked the rest of 2PM members (without Taecyeon – replaced by his picture in a panel) to do a photoshoot with a sexy theme as creative as possible. The mission on this photoshoot is: “To pose like no other idol had ever posed”.  I don’t have to spoil the rest of the pictures here because you have to watch it to really understand the crazyness behind the photoshoot. My fave goes to Wooyoung. Since he’s my fave, I’m going to post his pictures on the photoshoot (credit to AllKpop for the pictures):


That.. – THE TOSHIO WOOYOUNG – according to Wooyoung is his sexy pose (with his face as white as a ghost and weird poses resembling Toshio). Well.. wooyoung, you’re still cute and entertaining, you deserve to win this mission ! Eventho you’re not as scary as Toshio but you’re definitely will win the look ^^

2PM is really becoming a gag group, all of their antics proof this fact (wild bunny, ugly and proud of it, Again and Again – opera, etc) . They’re able to go with the flow and makes everything funny and lively. This show is one of the best show around now. If you haven’t watch these episodes, please spend some time to do so ^^