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6PM vs Jay Park vs JYPE September 25, 2009

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The brouhaha still continues as of today. I can’t stop staring curiously at every entry about Jay Park that has been crossing in and out a lot of internet portals lately. I haven’t really write anything other than commenting one of the article from MTV Asia and wrote some of reasons why Jay needs to be in 2PM on one of the hottest 2PM forum.. Indifference about it? Nope. I believe every other internet portal already post everything up and I don’t really want to invade my blog with all the news for one reason: the missing fundamental factor of the missing leader.

I read a lot of netizen comments about how JYP is using this as a “mask”, to conceal everything until the very last minute where 2PM has to get up and promote their new album. Probably Jay Park returns will be an epic story in the entire KPop histories. It’s only a thought. Another story is about Jay Park didn’t really want to return because his self esteem has been broken by the harsh netizen comments. No matter how many letters, comments, and post it notes Hottest wrote, it seems that the missing leader is buried under the earth. Nothing could conceal what’s the actual truth out there. The other story is about how all Hottest with all their might trying to capture JYPE and the whole world’s attention with the boycott, returned CDs, protest, and even flash mob from everywhere. To help the Hottest out, The KPop industries start to make a comment on this commotion. While all of those has been buried by JYPE notice on the website, Wooyoung’s comment on his minihompy, all the riddles and clues on 2PM members’ minihompy, all Wondergirls member stays quiet in the comment / question, it doesn’t seems to hold back the Hottest.

While this whirlwind still ongoing in its pace, I read a lot of other news about how JYP’s tire got slashed, JYP is going to Seattle to meet Jay Park, the rest of 2PM members is actually do not agree with JYPE’s decision to kick Jay Park out of 2PM, insight from Jay Park’s close friends and family friends. I really believe there’s something. Something really ridiculous that these things should came across the news. Even though the person who starts this fuss surrender and post an apology entry, things wouldn’t get any better. Damaged has been done.

My personal opinion on this can be articulated with one sentence: This is the epitome of ignorance.  I do agree with this comment: “Instead of trying to seek truth, sometimes it is more important to know what others are thinking. The public leaned toward the massive reports and opinions and that is why the public sentiment turned ugly against him so quickly without seeing the whole picture,” *

With all of those in mind, I still can’t grasp the meaning behind all of these. Is it only a scheme? Is it a conspiracy? Against what? What’s the goal? Nobody can even answer this question. Only JYPE can answer this. I really hope Jay Park will rise from the hardship. I really want to see 2PM again and again as one whole group.

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